Origins of the Magnificent Florentine Cathedral Santa Maria di Fiore

The city of Florence, known as Firenze in Italian, has long been recognized for its wealth and beauty. The heart of the city is its cathedral. This building is famous not only for its appearance but also for the competition to construct its roof and the genius architect who created it with outstanding style. The first church on the site was a Gothic building dated back to the 7th century AD. It was known as the church of Santa Reparata. Some remains of the old church are still visible inside the crypt of the famous cathedral. Archaeologists also unearthed the ruins of Roman houses underneath the current construction. Today, the city of Florence is like a big museum with its incredibly beautiful churches, galleries, outstanding exhibitions, and unsolved historical stories. The cherry on the top of this magnificent cake is Santa Maria di Fiore – a beautiful church dedicated to St Mary.



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