Inspiring Impressionist Masterpieces by Claude Monet

With a one-of-a-kind style and a pioneering approach to painting, Claude Monet is renowned as an influential Impressionist figure. Using distinctively dappled brushstrokes, a characteristically colorful range of tones, and a focus on light, the French artist created compositions that captured the essence of the movement, which first gained prominence in the 1870s. Throughout his successful career as an artist, Monet created over 2,500 works. These pieces span various mediums including paintings, pastels, and drawings. They also explore an array of subjects, from his picturesque garden in Giverny to idyllic landscapes in France. Today, these compositions are considered modern masterpieces. They’re celebrated for their avant-garde departure from academic art, their experimental approach to light and color, and, of course, their aesthetic beauty. Here, we explore some of Monet’s most memorable paintings, from his earliest Impressionist encounters to pieces produced in his final years.



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