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The Heart of the Matter: Music and Art in Family Therapy

The Heart of the Matter invites therapists from all disciplines to consider the use of music and art in their work with families. It introduces systemic music and art ideas, giving clinical examples from practice, and a rationale for using … Continue reading

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About the process of doing it together in Working-Art

This paper is an unfolding proposal of the studies carried out on the concepts of language through artistic practice. The production of activities by Allan Kaprow and the teaching artistry of Sandra Corazza are supported by the philosophy of Gilles … Continue reading

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Drama for developing integrity in Higher Education

Developing academic integrity is context-based and ineffective through formal courses. The article explores the meanings of academic integrity, reviews the literature on educational strategies towards its development and presents the design and results of the author’s research on how drama … Continue reading

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Art History Books for Beginners

Art history can be intimidating. Seemingly composed of countless movements, mediums, artists, and styles, diving into the study may seem daunting. However, with the right book collection, you’ll realize that an understanding of art history is not only possible but … Continue reading

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Famous Artists and their Inspiration

Throughout art history, most prolific painters have employed different kinds of iconography in order to demonstrate the diversity of their interests, skills, and approach. No matter how many different themes they explore, however, most of these figures still have an … Continue reading

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For The Artist, Age Has Its Advantages

The story of a senior actively engaged in the arts is not as extraordinary as our culture might have us believe. Anna Mary “Grandma Moses” Robertson began painting in her late 70s. Frank Lloyd Wright finished designing the Guggenheim Museum … Continue reading

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What is Art and why do we need it?

Art exists in various forms and giving a concrete definition of it can be quite challenging. Some people refer to it as any creative work of a human being. Others refer to it as a way an artist will express … Continue reading

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Why Art has the power to change the world

Life is an ever evolving process or it can also be termed as continuous change. Life nowadays is advanced and modernized so art holds a very significant role. It stimulates the society by translating the experiences through space and time. … Continue reading

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