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Music, cognition, culture, and evolution

We seem able to define the biological foundations for our musicality within a clear and unitary framework, yet music itself does not appear so clearly definable. Music is different things and does different things in different cultures; the bundles of … Continue reading

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4E Music Pedagogy and the Principles of Self-Organization

Recent approaches in the cognitive and psychological sciences conceive of mind as an Embodied, Embedded, Extended, and Enactive (or 4E) phenomenon. While this has stimulated important discussions and debates across a vast array of disciplines, its principles, applications, and explanatory … Continue reading

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Neurologic Music Therapy in Cognitive Rehabilitation

NEUROLOGIC MUSIC THERAPY LAST CAME INTO research and clinical focus via cognitive rehabilitation. New imaging techniques studying higher cognitive functions in the human brain ‘in vivo’ and theoretical advancements in music and brain function have facilitated this development. There are … Continue reading

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